Sustainability work at Lumme Energia

At Lumme Energia, we view our sustainability work as a trichotomy. This trichotomy builds upon our aim at enabling sustainable choices for our customers, Lumme Energia’s own sustainability actions, and our sustainability reporting.


Sustainable actions at Lumme Energia:

Concerning our own sustainable actions at Lumme Energia, we strive at monitoring the sustainability impacts of our own operations, minimizing negative impacts, and increasing positive impacts. As concrete actions we have, for example, developed our own and suppliers’ code of conducts, established a nature fund, and conducted Lumme Energia’s carbon footprint assessment and emissions reductions.


Enabling sustainable choices for our customers:

We wish to ensure sustainable choices for our customers and deliver them added value from sustainability. Therefore, we provide emission free products and implemented a variety of sustainability-related services (e.g., energy efficiency services and carbon footprint assessments for customers).


Sustainability reporting:

At Lumme Energia, we continually respond to tightening sustainability legislation. Therefore, we, for example, report in accordance with the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The sustainability reporting is conducted with active participation from our business and support departments in addition to our sustainability function.

We are already on the case

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Carbon Footprint Calculation Service

We will work together with your company to identify the components of your company's emission load by calculating its carbon footprint. Through this assessment, we are able to determine which operational changes can cut down both emissions and costs. Additionally, we provide climate units, such as, EU emission rights and carbon sink units to assist your company’s climate work further.



Over 160,000 solar panels installed

Promoting self-sustainable energy production is a bold move for a power sales company. With our sister company, Solarigo, we are already the largest solar panel system installer in Finland. Together, we provide services for everyone seeking to grow their self-sufficient power production and become a solar power producer.


Electric mobility

We also provide energy for electric cars and vehicles, and by choosing a renewable energy electricity contract, your organization can charge its vehicles with 100% ecological energy. Additionally, you can offer this opportunity to your customers also. You have the power to influence how environmentally friendly your operations are.


Energy for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Reduce your company's climate impact, make sustainability your competitive advantage, and update your knowledge on carbon handprint!

We collaborate with local associations of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.


Lumme Team Helping Entrepreneurs

We want to help companies and entrepreneurs find new ways to increase sales. The Lumme Team is an electronic customer benefit program where our partner companies can offer benefits and discounts to our customers.


Climate Action Service

The average annual carbon footprint of a Finnish person is approximately 10,300 kgCO2e. Housing accounts for about one-fifth of this. A renewable energy electricity contract is an excellent way to reduce the emission load. In addition to using renewable energy, with our Climate Action service, consumers can easily and transparently decrease the emission influence of their housing.



Increasing responsibility in sports and culture

We recognize the significance of the activities of local clubs and associations for well-being and regional vitality. Liike on energiaa -fund has been established to support this valuable work, which often relies on volunteers and community efforts. The long-term goal of the fund is to increase physical activity among all Finns and to promote good energy through active lifestyles.


Supporting the Well-being of Nature

The Nature Fund has been established to support biodiversity, sustainable development, and regional vitality. The Nature Fund supports local actors who take care of nature through activities such as volunteer work, clubs, and training sessions.




Ethical Principles

We want to ensure that our customers receive ethically produced services. We expect our partners and suppliers to adhere to high ethical standards as well. You can read about our principles and guidelines for suppliers in our Supplier Code of Conduct. 


Let's do even more together!

Lumme Energia – a partner for a sustainable life