An energy company that takes action

Everyone wants to save the world, but moving from words to deeds is difficult. So we at Lumme Energia have decided to do things a little differently. We take on challenges that are doable and perform local miracles – together.

We are already on the case

JärvilohiElinvoimainen järvilohi project

We are participating in the Elinvoimainen järvilohi project, to save the critically endangered Saimaa landlocked salmon. Lumme Energia is the project’s largest individual sponsor.

Aurinkopaneeli_pikkukuvake_300x300pxOver 160,000 solar panels installed

Promoting self-sustainable energy production is a bold move for a power sales company. With our subsidiary, Solarigo, we are already the largest solar panel system installer in Finland. Together, we provide services for everyone seeking to grow their self-sufficient power production and become a solar power producer.

Urheilija_AI_pikkukuvake_300x300pxIncreasing responsibility in sports and culture

Sports and culture enthusiasts are spending more and more time in clubs and events. We want to support this! Over the year, we will train 100 clubs and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint. Training will take place in club and events alongside local sports organisations.

Yritykset_AI_pikkukuvake_300x300pxPower for businesses and regions

We are boosting regional vitality together with Finnish entrepreneurs and regional entrepreneurial organisations. Together, we are training over 200 companies and entrepreneurs to make their business operations more responsible. Almost 40 entrepreneurs attended our Virtaa yrityksille (power for companies) training events held earlier this year, to learn more about the impact of wellbeing and responsibility on business.

Taimenkannat_AI_pikkukuvake_300x300pxRegeneration of trout stocks

The brown trout is a critically endangered migratory fish. We are sponsoring a project, coordinated by the local ELY Centre and Etelä-Savon kalatalouskeskus ry, for roe planting aimed at regenerating trout stocks on the Mäntyharju route. Our funds are being used to acquire brown trout roe and biodegradable roe planting boxes.

We are also supporting the restoration of urban rivers for fishing and recreational purposes through means such as trout roe planting.

Piirros_Vesivoimala_versio2_300x300px100% EKOenergy from industrial side streams

EKOenergy is an international eco-label. Our EKOenergy utilises wood chips from forests and forestry by-products; even ash from wood burning is recovered. Ash is used as a forest fertiliser.


Electric mobility

We also provide energy for electric cars and vehicles. At our charging stations you refuel your car with EKO-energy, that utilises 100% by-products from wood and forestry. You can, by your own actions choose how environmentally friendly you travel.

Lumme-tiimi_AI_pikkukuvake_1_300x300pxSupporting the wellbeing of entrepreneurs

The degree of activity and wellbeing of entrepreneurs is a key cornerstone of society that must be strengthened. We are improving the wellbeing of entrepreneurs together with the NGO Suomen Yrittäjät and wellbeing specialist company, Firstbeat. The better entrepreneurs do, the more they dare to develop their companies and increase their vitality. A downloadable wellbeing guide for entrepreneurs is now available from our website.

Let's do even more together!

Lumme Energia – a partner for a sustainable life