Lumme Energia and Solarigo – together towards self-sufficient energy

Lumme Energia and Solarigo have joined business activities to bring more ecological and economical renewable energy solutions for the end consumer. Lumme Energia is one of the biggest energy retail suppliers targeting for 500.000 clients by 2025. Finland´s largest photovoltaic solutions provider Solarigo strengthens its position as an international photovoltaic industry operator. Together Lumme Energia and Solarigo will invest up to 60M€ for clean domestic renewable energy.

Lumme Energia develops new service-based energy models

We are one of the biggest retail energy suppliers in Finland. We deliver new state of the art solutions and create value-added services for our customers. We are constantly developing new energy services to our clients. As an example, our smart energy system pilot program where we test smart control and optimization of energy use. We bring the fresh thinking about energy to the reach of all our clients and courage people towards more sustainable lifestyle through our own example and actions.


Lumme Energia and Solarigo makes the estates more self-sufficient in energy

In June 2019 we acquired majority ownership of Solarigo Group that delivers photovoltaic PV solutions to estates through power purchase agreement. Long term plan of the acquisition is to support the vision where Finland is energy self-sufficient and to build from Solarigo a leading photovoltaic PV energy supplier in both domestic and international level. Solarigo´s position as a forerunner of photovoltaic energy scales naturally to international markets since majority of Solarigo´s existing clients operate already internationally. Companies joint business is also naturally scalable in the international markets and expands in the emerging digital services.

Power from the roof

Solarigo Systems established in 2015 is a largest Finnish photovoltaic PV energy supplier.

Solarigo invests in mid- to large scale PV power plants, distributes locally generated solar energy and provides clients with holistic solar energy solutions. Through power purchase agreement model Solarigo enables generating locally mid- to large scale solar energy without heavy up-front investments. Solarigo owns and finances the solar energy system and takes care of its maintenance and daily operations.


Put your property in production mode!

Today we can offer our customers an opportunity to be an ecological and sustainable business operator without major investments. We can provide clean energy with an easy and agile photovoltaic system delivery without up-front investments, as Solarigo provides PV solar power with power plant purchase requirement. Local PV energy production model takes the full advantage of the renewable energy coming from the sun and turns it in electricity conveniently and easily. This provides an easy and affordable way to move towards more responsible and sustainable energy use.

Our future solutions will enable the control of customer's electricity use in correlation to the demand and supply side of the electricity market. As a simple example, the intelligent control of energy enables the use when it is most economical and limiting the use when the energy prices are peaking. The automated functions are visible to the end customer as financial savings.

At Lumme Energia and Solarigo, we think the energy in a new way. The future opens up interesting perspectives on how the reactions and attitudes on energy can change. Artificial intelligence, blockchains and digital currency can enable electricity to become an open and automatic commodity and asset for different markets.


Lumme Energia Oy

Employs: 30 energy- experts

Revenue: 60 M €

Over 100.000 customers

Solarigo Systems Oy

Employs: 11 energy-experts

Revenue: 4,7 M€

Combined capacity of Solarigo solar plants installed: about 20 MWp